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Therapy isn't something you should be ashamed of, it's not something that you should feel like you have to hide. ⁠
⁠Therapy is a a form of self-care. If you've been considering it, I encourage you to go ahead and give us a call!⁠


A R Therapy & Consulting LLC provides clinical therapy to those in care:


  • Clinical Therapy




Marital and Premarital

Self Esteem

Better Care Starts with You!

“When I went through my divorce, you talk to me about allowing God to heal me. Moreover, you gave me the steps to getting my life back. However, you told me to trust God. Additionally, that helped because I was able to see my way through”-C

“What makes Amethyst Roberson an exceptional therapist is her unique way to get you to see the root of any situation, and then she patiently assists you in understanding it and in the end conquering it. She is patient and her counsel to me has always been laced with Gods Grace and wisdom”-T

“Amethyst told me that it’s okay to not be okay and that the process of a loss will take some time. Losing a loved one is devastating especially when it’s your best friend and spouse. I didn’t realize it until the passing of my husband that regaining a sense of normality was easier said than done. This never stopped me from staying encouraged due to Amethyst helping me, while going through my journey. I thank God for her wisdom and compassion because if it wasn’t for her then my journey would have been a little different and not as manageable today”-S 

"A.R. Therapy was a tremendous blessing for me during a heavy time of grief in my life. I immediately felt at ease talking about my issues and the tools and resources provided to me will help me for years to come. Highly recommended!!" - M


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Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Family/Marital Therapy

Empathia EAP



INITIAL APPOINTMENT: Starting-$125 - $160
INDIVIDUAL: $100 - $125
COUPLES: $125 - $200

Email: office@arobersontherapy.com


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  • Marital and Premarital

  • Self Esteem

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