Unique & savvy solutions for all ages. Our clients come to us from all walks of life. We believe that healing occurs via mind, body, and spirit.   We seek to incorporate principles with psychological theory to help bring healing to the clients they serve. A few of the areas of practice are:



Several life experiences shaped Amethyst's values, passions and personal growth:

Coming to faith in Christ at age 11 and being tested in that faith over many years
Ministry, Music and travel
Finding love and marrying in my late 30's
Dealing with infertility
Losing her mother suddenly 
Good and bad church experiences

Inspired to write plays that deal with life's issues and help others apply its lessons in real life
Dealing with bouts with situational depression as a teen
Seeking and finding comfort and truth in the pages of scripture
The thrill of developing and teaching courses for lay counselors
Writing books, articles based upon what she has learned as a life-learner and therapist for 20 years​

Happy Family
happy family
Mother and Daughter
First Dance
Grandma's Healing Touch
Kids Playing Carnival Game
Happy Family
happy family
Mother and Daughter
First Dance
Grandma's Healing Touch
Kids Playing Carnival Game

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

My Mission as a therapist is to help people heal and prosper in all areas of life. I love watching individuals, couples and families regaining hope, get inspired and achieve personal growth. My style is interactive, supportive and caring. I generally work from different approaches that are geared towards the client's need. If you are experiencing Detours, distractions, disruptions in your life? I am here for you. Sometimes hardships cause people to stop functioning in life but this is not the purpose and intent for individuals couples and families. A Roberson Therapy helps individuals get back to living their lives and thriving.

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Our Visionary

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​Amethyst Roberson is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor offering Christian Counseling, Coaching & Professional development workshop services to those in need.

Amethyst Roberson was born and raised in Saint Louis, MO. She graduated from Oral Robert's University Counseling program in 2001 she is the Executive Director and Founder of C.A.R.E Solutions Inc. & Amethyst Roberson Therapy. She hates to see people in emotional-mental pain. As a mission-minded person, she helps individuals, families, and communities discover remedies to their distress, find resources, information, opportunities, and options that bring about change.

Throughout her career she has been driven towards impacting lives, listening, solving human problems, and providing solutions through counseling.
Her vision is that every individual, family and couple is hopeful, empowered, and emotionally and mentally healthy within their family system and community.

What is her background?
Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Case Manager, Program Director

She has over 15 years of Clinical Professional Counseling with people of all ages and backgrounds within various settings. She understands the needs of individuals with whom she work. She knows how to developed comprehensive assessments and treatment plans that provide strength-based and client-focused intervention.
Program/Project Management & Operations
•    She has worked with organization and assists with operations, management, and supervision. She provides community relations, advocacy and programming.
Coach and Trainer

•    She has developed educational training curriculum relevant to clients in service. This work includes material for people of all ages. She conducts professional, individual, group and family workshops/seminars.
What services can I offer you?

•    Professional Counseling/Coaching
•    Leadership Training
•    Client Relations Training
•    Office Management Orientations
•    Training & Facilitation
•    Program Development
•    Clinical supervision (LPC)
•    Program Oversight
•    Business Management
•    Administration
•    Project Management
•    Intermediate, knowledge of computers (Microsoft and Windows 95-Window software, Mac, digital and video production and troubleshooting.)
•    Web Design & Photography

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