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PREPARE/ENRICH® is a popular program used for premarital counseling and education, marriage counseling and enrichment, and dating couples who are considering engagement. Couples each complete a customized online assessment that helps identify their strengths and areas of growth as a couple.
As a couple you will meet with a therapist certified as a PREPARE/ENRICH® facilitator who will process the results of the assessment with you and provide education on important skills that will positively benefit your relationship.

A minimum of four to six feedback sessions is recommended to allow time to thoroughly process the results of the online assessment and discuss your relationship dynamics.
PREPARE/ENRICH® can help couples:

Explore strength and growth areas

Strengthen communication skill

Identify and manage major stressors

Resolve conflicts using the Ten Step Model

Develop a more balanced relationship using the Couple and Family Maps

Understand personality differences and maximize teamwork​

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The fee is $550 for six 1-hour sessions. This fee includes an online assessment.

 PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator:
Amethyst Roberson, LPC
PREPARE/ENRICH® is a registered trademark and used with permission.

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