My marriage is strong.

Affirmations and Reflections

My marriage is based on caring and love. We have a strong and nurturing relationship.

We communicate openly. We talk about what we are thinking and feeling. We listen to each other and ask questions.

We resolve conflicts constructively. We stay calm and focus on the positive. We take time outs when necessary and resume our discussion when we are ready to make progress.

We work as a team and share responsibility. We pick up the slack for each other. We negotiate household chores and finances. We manage expectations. We know that our relationship requires effort, and we take accountability for meeting our own needs. We love each other through ups and downs.

We have fun together. We make time to laugh and play. We go out dancing on date nights. We do silly and romantic things at home. We use long weekends and vacation days to get away. We pay attention to little things. We hold hands and hug. We make each other coffee. We slip love notes into lunch bags and coat pockets. We snuggle and reminisce while we watch old movies on TV.

We treat each other with kindness and respect. We build trust and validate each other’s experiences. We appreciate our differences and allow each other time apart.

Today, I give thanks for my partner and the life we share. I take care of myself and make our relationship a top priority. My marriage is happy and healthy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Why is it important to maintain outside friendships?

What is one strength that I admire in my partner?

How has my marriage changed over time?

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