Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted




By Dean Heath (Author), Amethyst Roberson (Author), Michelle Cameron (Author), Jonathan Adams (Author), Zelda Johnson (Author), Chris Taylor (Author), Henry Mahyor (Author), Naomi Mahyor (Author), Patrice Avington (Author)


Life interrupted is a collaboration of 8 authors who share their experience of overcoming major obstacles in the midst of the current Covid-19 Pandemic. This book will be sure to inspire, encourage and motivate you to activate your faith to pursue purpose in your life and thrive despite the challenges of our current national crisis. Hidden within these  8 riveting chapters are transformational diamonds of wisdom and insight forged from the pressure, pain, set-backs and rapidly shifting environment experienced this year as the authors have navigated this new normal in their relationship with God, Health and Business.


  1. Six Tips for Coping With the

COVID-19 Pandemic: 


  1. “FINALLY! The Break/Brake That
  2. I Needed: A Single Mom’s Reflections on COVID-19’s 
  3. Corona Streets
  4. Surviving My Second Quarantine
  5. Fear The Storm Before the Storm – Learning
  6. to Wait on God 
  7. A Lion Still Has to Eat 
  8. Rediscovering Family, Faith & Focus
  9. During A Global Pandemic
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